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4 Tips for Hunting Rabbits in Summer !

In many areas hunting has been observed in recent months a significant increase in the rabbit population, with an extraordinary repopulation capacity in particular areas, if the south of Cordoba, where damage to agriculture are critical, and where this year he has been charged mainly in the vineyards.

As we are now promptly to hunt rabbits in the hutch season increasingly frequent and the extended summer period is not more thinking about some tips to get a game, enough to each of our field trips, with a shotgun and soft cartridges.

Here we do not go to “collect” rabbits, but to bring down the field, goodly, provide us every day. And of course, hunting rabbits in summer with our dogs or else you will need a wireless hunting camera. The excellent pointing dogs will make clear to throw half a dozen rabbits dog put a real treat. Here, then, are four tips to hunt better in these next outings.

1. How many? Those who say the field
Many fans think that the hunting season in summer, or as it is popularly known in many areas, is achieving high perches at the expense of the new rabbits and little punished for dogs and hunters, who often easily get out ahead of a productive shot.

Here it is advice that I think is quite practical: let us not come with the fixed idea of achieving a minimum of as many or few rabbits, this makes shots when we risk not jump as we would like, wounding rabbits then it ‘s hard to collect.

Never move from the rabbits that we can throw a good distance and in good condition, do not want to do pirouettes with the shooting rabbits or stop any view outside shot. Here we do not go to “collect” rabbits, but to bring down the field, goodly, provide us every day.

2. Hunting slowly
The big mistake is walking, walking in the countryside, thinking that the rabbit will always step out in better-targeted killing, and before a bright comfortable for shooting. Or we hunt, or we walk, but not always these two options get along when we seek to bring rabbits to the hanger.

We know that by chance, a rabbit you least expect is started where and that even that day you’re hunting distracted, head somewhere else, you hung half a dozen who does not want the thing, but the intention and centered They are essential to take advantage of the summer season rabbit.

Important is hunting at a slow pace, not as we often do, it seems that we have a flock of partridges in front on a hillside in November. Hunting rabbits now have to hurry when the area is intricate, with little vegetation faces, and we depend on leaning out we already know, then do not waste time and increase the pace.

3. Dominate the dumpsite
In line with the above comments, it should be stressed that we should not opt for walking, for visiting “beautiful” areas and wait for a rabbit jump around. We can go one step further, and quickly but efficiently analyze a particular spot before entering hunt, because this game is fundamental “see” the hunting ground, and hit with gunfire.
So you have to find areas where we control rabbits that move at lower, or who slowly are trickling up because the plants sometimes let us see from the top down, but are more problematic if we go hunting by down slope area or some gradient.

Each place has its mess, and we must put ourselves in the best way possible to control the light and the corridors on the mountain, and plots bronzes on the every day, as, moving just a lindera control left and right, but if we go fifteen meters from that same lindera, rabbits that run on the other side will go without the discovery.

4. Pull a safe distance
In the season of summer hunting rabbits in nearly all usually, precipitates pick and dominating little miles in the first days. And that those who hunt several days, because of those at most go hunting in a couple of occasions and fail to take either the distance or the pace shooting this piece requires. We never get ahead of.

Rare is that we are hunting in such a tangled area to have to pull superfast: face badly and inadequately makes macular we fail “inexplicably” and this results in the following sets, missing more than normal.

Rabbits that we pull up midway give a moment to face and head while the piece. The rest is to advance the just, little because usually do not go very fast, and shoot. So no pull with raised face or three shots burst meaningless. Shot well done is a rabbit killed, and I have almost always more than enough time.

In waiting and stalking should always throw away logic, no long-distance trials because we hurt more than one that can not collect.
Recechando not abuses the rather closed chokes to ensure long-not rabbits something more is riding and in double-barreled shotguns, in semiautomáticas-, and waiting, well calculate the distance between the position or hideout, and the “square” where rabbits come, trying to raise a little the muzzle to prevent crawling and small excess peek shots by pointing to an almost quiet rabbit.


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