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How To Choose A Car Vacuum Cleaner ?

Cleaning your car interior after a certain time in use will not be an easy task without a proper tool, such as a car vacuum cleaner. This machine will significantly reduce the cleaning time and save your energy with an easy usage and storage. Despite that, even the best car vacuum cleaner on the market will not always guarantee satisfaction for the money spent due to the wide variety of car interiors and customizations. Then it’s wise to go through a few tips on what you need to check before purchasing a car vacuum cleaner.

Like any other gears, the ones that satisfy this person need will not always do the same to another one. So, the vacuum cleaner you choose must be based entirely on your current requirements. If you don’t want to spend quite a sum of money on something hardly used, the guidelines below seem to be very useful to you.

1. Cord or cordless.
Most of car vacuum cleaners are specially made to be light and compact for easy handling inside the vehicle space. Beside this advantage the design also has its own drawbacks; one of them is a short operating time. While there are extra accessories like reserve batteries to solve this problem, it is indeed a troublesome task and you may even forget to charge them. Needless to say, it’s vital to decide if your cleaner may need a permanent cord or not.
If your vehicle is pretty big and spacious, a cleaner with a permanent cord or at least a power line attachment will be very useful, especially when you cleaner run out of energy right in the middle of the cleaning. But if your car is rather small in size, these features may not be really necessary, so you can simply pick a model relying on its internal battery alone to cut down the cost and still assure its sufficient performance.

2. Suction strength.

People often pay much attention to this feature when they pick out a car vacuum cleaner. But they tend to make a mistake in thinking “The stronger the better”. While a cleaner with strong suction is surely useful, it’s also obvious that in order to support its work, the cleaner energy drain will be much higher as well. And if your vehicle interior is not complicated and doesn’t have any spaces hard to access, what’s the point of using enormous amount of electricity for such a small gain?

So the idea is, in case the interior of your car has no major modifications difficult to get access to, an average suction strength is just sufficient for an effective cleaning. Once you encounter any difficulties in your work, you can employ a variety of suction heads to deal with instead of betting everything on the suction strength alone.

3. Capacity.
As mentioned above, most car vacuum cleaners are deigned with portability in mind. So it’s natural that the car cleaners are unable to contain an amount of waste as much as normal household models. The waste compartment also has many types, from elastic and disposable plastic bag to solid container, small but easy to use. There are also average size cleaners considerably bigger than others but able to contain a larger amount of trash and dust. Again, take a close look at your car to see if you really need them since it’s much more expensive and energy consuming, in compensation, you won’t have to keep checking the waste compartment to see if it’s full or not.

4. Extra accessories.
In order to support the cleaning of the car interiors which may vary a lot from vehicle to vehicle, the manufacturers have produced lots of attachments that can handle tough to access corners and cramped spaces. The importance of a good understanding of you car will be clearly shown here. From the disposition of the seats to the state of the electronic equipments, these places demand an appropriate approach to each of them so as not to damage them while cleaning. It’s also a good idea to make sure you get what you need and don’t waste any money on stuff unnecessary or hardly used.

The benefits of a car vacuum cleaner are undeniable but it’s not like you can randomly pick one and its work as you expected. You need to consider what you truly need while cleaning your car and what issues may arose. This is how you can save your money and time yet still own a wonderful tool that make the task of cleaning you car much easier than before.


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