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Cuisinart Duet Blender Review !

The Cuisinart Duet Blender is a food processor and a blender. It is well priced and strong, but seems to be plagued by motor problems according to owner reviews.

It sounds really good in concept doesn’t it, a food processor to handle big, tough ingredients, combined with a blender to make smoothies and delicious cocktails. Right? Well it seems that price-wise offering two products in one is a great deal and much cheaper than buying both separate. However, it seems that if you separate the two items, you are just getting an average food processor and an average blender. It is also troubling to see just as many 1 star ratings as 5 star ratings amongst owners. There are a lot of reports of the motor burning out after just a short time. The 3 year warranty should cover any issues like this, but it usually will cost you to send it back, in the range of $20-30.

Overall, we like the concept and the features of this Cuisinart Duet best blender for smoothies, but can’t really recommend it at this time based on the number of very negative reviews.

• Priced well – for a combo blender/food processor this unit is a good bargain. You certainly can’t get these two items separately for the same price.
• Strong ice crusher – blends it up like snow

• Small food processor – on the combo units these tend to run small, so don’t expect a full size food processor.
• Loud – a bit noisy, but all blenders with over 500 watt motors are.
• Appearance – maybe not as pretty as some other blenders on the market, but we have pictures here for you to decide.

Cuisinart currently offers two versions of its Duet blender:
Model Average Consumer Rating Number of Reviews
PowerBlend Duet 3.0 65+
SmartPower Duet 2.5 120+

The SmartPower Duet is only 350 watts, versus 500 for the PowerBlend, has a 40 ounce glass jar, versus 56 ounces for the PowerBlend and both products cost about the same. Because of this difference in features and the lower ratings on the SmartPower Duet, we rate the Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet as the better of the two models offered in the Cuisinart Duet blender/food processor category. This review covers only the PowerBlend Duet model.

The PowerBlend Duet is a powerful 500 watt blender. It has a 3 cup food processor that attaches to the base and comes with a pusher, feed tube, a shredding and slicing disc, and a blade for chopping. It has 7 preprogrammed speeds that include stir, mix, pulse, puree, liquefy, chop, and ice crush. It has a 56 ounce jar, is dishwasher safe, and the cord stores neatly under the base. The top has a clear 2 ounce measuring cup that pops out so that you can add more ingredients.

When using the device in food processor mode, you can use the three cup work bowl to shred, slice, and process whatever foods you are working on, right in the bowl. You can easily clean up all the removable parts in the dishwasher as well.

This blender comes with a 3 year limited warranty, which is long for a blender – most brands only offer a 1 year warranty.
Features Table
Price $75.00 – $100.00
Capacity 56 ounces
Number of Speeds 7
Jar Material Glass
Power 500 watts
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Dimensions Height: 15 inches, Length: 8″, Depth: 6.875″
Weight 13 pounds
Warranty 3 year
Colors Chrome, black
Ice Crusher Yes
Pulse Function Yes
Digital Display No
Preprogrammed Settings No
Timer No
Food Processor Attachments Yes
Included Recipes Yes
Cord Storage Yes

Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:
The large capacity for the blender unit and the powerful ice crushing features seem to be popular among owners. They also feel that for a combo food processor/blender unit that this product is a good deal and priced well. The Cuisinart Duet blender also seems to be able to handle tough blending jobs and smoothies come out silky smooth.

Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:
Several reviews feel that the food processor unit is too small. They also think that the blender is too noisy. A few people find that the chrome color is not attractive. (It’s not real chrome, it’s plastic.) There were a lot of reports of the motor breaking down after just a couple of months of use. And a lot of people talked about a burning smell coming from the motor, especially when trying to blend tougher ingredients.


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