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How Many Types of Water Filters are There in the Market?

The development of the economic sectors is often accompanied by the consequences of air and water pollution. It is also the main reason why human health is seriously threatened.

Nowadays, being an owner of a water purification is extremely necessary for every household. Thanks to the modern design and the advanced technologies, the new products will remove bacteria as well as harmful compounds such as lead, heavy metals and so on.

Notwithstanding, there are various brands of water filters on the market so that how to get the most efficient and satisfied product is always a big question to each customer. Today, along with reverse osmosis reviews, I will introduce to you some of the popular lines of water filters.

1. Water purifiers
This product is quite familiar and is used by most households. With a compact structure, the water filters have a simple design, which is easy to use and above all is low cost. This invention is truly a suitable product for most users.

This line of water purification products is capable of removing the suspended residue in water. However, a disadvantage is that it is impossible to eliminate harmful bacteria. Hence, the water filter is only used in the case of filtering the boiled water or the treated water from the available container.

2. The water purification equipment
The equipment for water handling at the faucet is widely used in rural areas. This device composes multi-layer filters that are integrated into one single-core so that it can absorb all the odors, color, organic matter in the water. However, this device cannot eliminate the heavy metals entirely.

3. The water filters using RO technology
In fact, the water filters using RO technology are one of the most popular filters on the market today. This product line consists of 2 main types of water filter, which serves for household and industry.
Thanks to the practical application of high technology, the reverse osmosis systems (RO system) with its membranes and ultra-small pores in size, this amazing product can take out up to 99 percent of all impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and so on from the water.

4. The water filters using NANO technology
Similar to RO, the water filter using NANO technology is a new generation of filter technology, which operates under the three fundamental principles including absorption, adsorption, and bactericide.

This technology has an outstanding advantage over than other types of filters and purifiers. It can remove the heavy metals, bacteria or other impurities in the water completely but still retaining the beneficial minerals in the water sources. Therefore, your health will always be guaranteed in any case. Also, the NANO filters do not produce wastewater so that they are widely used by the consumers.

5. Galaxy Electrolyte Water Purifier
The Galaxy electrolyte water purifier is the recommended product line by many experts. The products consist of two main parts including the water filters and electrolysis chamber. Thus, this device helps remove completely the chemical composition as well as the impurities in the water.
Simultaneously, it also alters the PH value, ORP, through the ionization. Hence, the molecular structure of water becomes beneficial compounds for human health. Therefore, you can drink water directly without worrying about the harmful substances.

The Galaxy Electrolyte Water Purifier originates from Taiwan, which has the modern design with two separate water lines. One of them is alkaline water, and another is acidic water. So you can use the treated water producing from this device for many different purposes such as drinking, cleaning, cooking and so on.

In particular, this product line is also equipped with five electrode plates that are made from the high-class platinum and titanium. Thanks to it, the lifespan of Electrolyte Water Purifier is increasing up to ten years.
If you are planning to purchase a water filter and you are not sure which choice product line are suitable for the water source in your household as well as the use purpose of the family, you can refer this post or search on the Internet to get more information as possible. Hope you will find out the best product for yours


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