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How to make money with your YouTube videos?

It is possible to make profitable videos published on YouTube by becoming a member of the Partner Program and activating the “Monetization” on its channel.

This is not new, you could already make profits with the ads, but you had to be “accepted” in the partnership program or receive an invitation to be part of it.

Now anyone who has a YouTube channel can sign up for the Partner Program, activate monetization of their videos and receive payments for the ads that will be integrated into it.

Of course, provided You respect the rules of YouTube by publishing only videos with rights in full.

Publish videos and make them profitable
We have all heard stories of people who have become rich through movies online free posted on the Web. With the global popularity of YouTube, one can understand that if a video is successful, it can be seen tens of millions of times by people from all over the world! Unfortunately, these cases are rather rare … but it costs nothing to try!

And you should know that you can publish only the videos of which one is the author, soundtrack included, question of respecting the laws in force concerning copyright.

If this applies to your videos, you can publish them by first creating an account. Once the account is created, you can publish videos that will be grouped in the “My Channel” section.
How to open a YouTube account and publish videos

Join the Partner Program
To become a member of the “Partner Program”, one must activate the monetization of its videos.
To do this, simply activate this option from the “Settings” section in the header menu.
YouTube Settings tab
In the “Monetization” section, you can activate the monetization of your videos.
YouTube monetization
To do this, the account must never have been disabled and some other conditions apply (as an advertiser allows us to use our video).
More information about the terms of use of the partner program
It will be possible to choose the ad format (s) that will be automatically integrated to the videos of its channel. “InVideo” ads appear as a banner inserted at the bottom of the video, and “TruView In-Stream” appear before and after the video by occupying the entire screen.
Ads are published automatically and can not be controlled. The only way to do this is to completely disable the monetization option.
Receive payments for ads
To be paid for the ads that appear in the videos, you must link a Google AdSense account to your YouTube account.
However, it is not necessary to do so at the outset. If monetization is enabled, a message will be sent inviting you to create an AdSense account to receive payment when a sum is ready to be paid. YouTube reports that these revenues depend on several factors, such as the type of ads and the pricing of ads. It is therefore difficult to assess how much a particular pub brings.
Complete review on Google AdSense
Link an AdSense account to your YouTube channel
It remains more than to put on line of the original videos of which one holds the rights totally and hope that they make the circle of the Web!
How to Edit a Video on YouTube
The YouTube site allows you to make a free video editing live on the Internet. The software is very simple, but will suit those who do not want to break their heads and especially want to only publish on the site.
To start, you must open an account.

Once done, upload your clips to the site. For each clip, you can choose who can see them. One controls the level of diffusion in private or public mode.

Once your snippets are uploaded, go to the editing software. Warning, this function only rolls on Chrome, Google’s browser (owner of YouTube!).
1- Display all videos on your YouTube account.
2- Once you have selected a video, you drag it into this bar to edit it. A scissor appears in the center of this image and you click on it to activate the editing function.
3- The video is displayed in this window, whether to view the editing or extracts.
Youtube video editor
1- When you click on the chisel to edit, this window opens.
2- You can change the start and end of the video by dragging the left and right cursors in the bottom line.


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