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Some people may be put off by the prospect of pain so they are still hesitant to start epilating. Well, I don’t deny that it could be a painful experience but the benefits actually outweigh the discomfort. Epilators have moved on a lot and the process is now almost pain-free, plus there are loads of tips on how to make epilation more enjoyable.

Now grab your best epilator reviews that you bought and follow these top tips for making your epilating less hurtful. I promise that you can avoid all the swearing and tears, and you might find your self loving it after all.

Why do we feel pain when we epilate?

Before we get to the main part, let me quickly explain to you why epilation could hurt. Pain, scientifically, is a protective mechanism. Once your hair is plucked out of its root, the pain receptors are activated and then they will send a pain message towards the spinal cord. The spinal cord transfers the pain to the brain and you feel it.

Epilation is an efficient process as you won’t have to repeat it again for up to 3 weeks or more. Besides, epilating brings damage to the roots and therefore causes the hair to grow back weaker and thinner than before. That’s why you could easily get them before they can actually pose a threat.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that with each time you epilate, the pain shall get less and less intolerable. Remember that the first time is always the worst time, but once you get used to the sensation, things get better.

Can we make it hurt less?
Yes, of course. People have found several of natural techniques that will get your body prepared for epilation. And in case the pain is still too much to handle, there are now specialized products to the rescue.

Natural Preparation
If you want to prepare yourself without investing on additional products, it’s possible with the following ways.
This means that you will have to use a wet-and-dry epilator – a kind of epilator that can be used in the shower and even underwater. It will take a little bit longer to do the job but it will also hurt less, significantly. Nothing gets better than relaxing the skin and opening up the pores so the hair will be easier to pull out. Not to mention that you can enjoy a nice warm shower or bath in the process as well.

Exfoliation prior to epilation
Exfoliating helps eliminate dead skin cells which usually block grow pathways, therefore, cause ingrown hairs. The hair will be pulled out easier after you’ve done exfoliating. Since the skin is more likely to be less oily later, meaning the hair won’t be flattened onto it, you won’t have to waste time redoing parts of the body that you miss.

If you have a low pain tolerance and are not used to epilation, maybe you should get a professional waxing first. Waxing, like epilating, also plucks hairs out from the root and makes the hairs weaker and thinner when they grow back. This is the perfect chance for you to start epilating as you won’t be pulling out the hair all at once. Hairs grow at different rates so if you’re removing less hair it won’t hurt as much anymore. Do not let the hair grow too long because they tend to break before being taken out completely.

Tips For Epilating
Here are other things you can do to lessen the pain while epilating.
 As we mentioned earlier, epilators tend to work better on shorter hair, so keep it short from your previous epilation.
 Pulling the skin around the are you want to epilate as tight as possible so the tweezers will stand less chance of pinching your skin. This method not only makes it easier to epilate but also makes the process much less painful. Remember to epilate in the opposite direction you are pulling the skin taut.
 Some epilators now feature double speed settings. The faster speed will make the process quicker and more effective but it’s going to hurt like hell. So try the lower speed to get used to the sensation and once you feel more comfortable, go hard.
 Apply ice on theskinafterto cool any swelling. The Braun Silk Epil 5 model comes with cooling pads which are very helpful when it comes to reducing epilation pain.

Specialized Products
Numbing Creams
To people who have very sensitive skin there are suggestions about using numbing creams aka lidocaine creams. They are said to make sure you don’t feel the pain because these creams are used for tattoos and surgery.

For the cream to take effect you should at least apply it on the skin about an hour before epilating. But actually, it can only reduce the pain a little, not completely unlike popular belief. These numbing creams don’t offer the deep piercing beneath the skin that you often get from a numbing agent injected straight into the skin. That’s why you could still feel the pain, but it would hurt slightly less.

Numbing creams are really expensive so if you want to use it, only apply it to the areas that are extremely painful and read the instructions carefully.
Can we use ice?

It is actually not recommended to use ice for numbing your skin prior to epilation since it could close the pores and make the epilation process more difficult.

This doesn’t work effectively on everybody but to each her own. If you’re a first-timer, you may as well take a light pill so can brace yourself for what’s about to come. For the next time, suit yourself.

Now there you go – don’t be too afraid of epilating. Don’t you want long lasting silky smooth skin? With all the helpful tips above, you will have a reduced pain or even a totally pain-free epilation. The pain will only get better and everything is just going to get easier with each time you epilator. When you see the result, I bet you will agree that it’s really worth it.


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