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Allows you to be able to detect the density of fish inside the water, convenient for fishing, fishermen caught seafood, aquaculture research . With the best fishfinder you will become an expert professional fish watching.

1. Monitor:
Each tiny square on the screen represents one pixel, the pxels number on the screen along with is to present to the clarity and detail that a user distinguish separate signs, a number of horizontal pixels on the screen is only women only.

You have to understand what is on the first vertical line of pixels at the extreme end of the screen, it says exactly what is happening under the boat, when the vertical line appears on the screen, and scroll through the left direction, that is to say up to what was past and it did not present any longer.

For example, a fishfinder with 40 lines meant 39 pixels along its vertical lines to say what the probe and the fish finder reviews has passed when the boat is moving forward. These models are available in the market that is between 160-480 pixels wide.

To understand the perspective that each pixel represents, you try taking one deep water approximately 50 m and 1 160 pixels fish finder vertical range, in this case, symbolizes 30cm per pixel vertical, with may like, you can not see the fish are located at a depth of 12cm, otherwise, it is not true when we use machines with 2X zoom back panoramic,
Meanwhile, every 15cm symbolizes pixels or 4X zoom back every 7cm denotes pixels, continue like that we will see the fish up on the screen.

2. Nature of the bottom structure of water
With first class fish finder, you can know where your boat is located on the soft or hard bottom areas depending on the gray on the screen.

When the signal beam is released to the bottom, then, of course, there are a large number of signals to respond to, while others will be lost or being sucked away when you notice a gray background with thin or not, you can assertive boat’s on the soft muddy bottom water, or red if you know that I am thick in hard water areas including rocky bottom gravel through which you can experience water bottoms include any favorite fish there.

3. The noise and interference:
Do you notice the vertical pixels on the screen when you run a boat?
If you see these signs, it’s chaos on the interference, often display disturbances in that area than 10m deep, this situation is understandable because the fish finder does not go deep enough down intensity that only useful at a depth of 3-4 meters only. To avoid this situation, you should use two separate batteries, a machine boat fishing the finder level,

Do not forget the 2 wires connected to the average finder to far apart, preferably 2 batteries each in the first two boats, or cover the battery with rubber mantle 1, we avoid the interference.

4. The sensitivity of the fishery panels:
Fish fine with self-regulating system program, if people do not like having to change the program or not they understand more about the program.

Conversely, if you want more powerful finder, the more efficient operation, you should use the zoom, as you know in points 7 if you want to have the clear picture, we should open the zoom frame, from which you gradually increase the sensitivity of the pixels to appear more on the screen, if your fish finder does not have to switch from the non-automatic operation.

If you go back in claim 7 with 160 pixels in 50-meter deep waters will be difficult to see what would like to see the clear definition of the screen, but if you re-6X zoom, each pixel represents 5cm, as you know if you reach fishermen motorcycle properly, you will see will see fake prey is skipping 5cm long as your boat at a depth of 50m.

Take the time to read the instruction manual carefully before using the fish finder, searched on the internet or the news of manufacturers use so you will have more valuable information to use the fish finder properly and great


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