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which your music will sound like never before ?

We continue with our thematic posts dedicated to the world of headphones. As you know, during the last weeks we have published three guides in which we have proposed some of the most attractive models that we can find currently in the market. In the first we investigate Hi-Fi headphones of less than 200 dollars; In the second in portable proposals for a smartphone for less than 100 dollars, and in the third we suggest seven essential models for less than 50 euros. As you can see, each one has a rather different focus. But here are the 3 best headphones under 100 dollars.

The selection that we offer in this post is not only different from the previous ones; also, delves into one of the types of headphones that, according to your comments, interest you most: in-ear or in-ear type of content price. As you can see in the article title we have discarded all models that exceed 70 euros, but this does not mean that all the solutions that we propose are close to this price. In fact, the cheapest one costs 13 dollars, and there are several very attractive models below 30 dollars, so it is likely that, if you are looking for quality intra-headsets at a good price, you will find them in this selection.

Before you choose, look at this

Although apparently simpler than other types of headphones, intra-headsets may contain a lot of technology. In the manufacture of its enclosure, it is possible to use several materials with very different characteristics, such as polycarbonate, ABS plastic or aluminum; Materials with clearly different properties can also be used in the diaphragm, and even its cable may have different conductive metals and coatings. For all this to find the model that best suits our needs and budget is not much less eaten bread.

Pay attention to the cable: if it is too thin and weak it will eventually break, and your investment will go to waste
In any case, regardless of its specifications, price and sound quality, there are other sections to which we advise you to pay attention before decanters by one model or another. The ergonomics of your next in-ear headphones is essential because if you do not find them comfortable, you probably end up doing without them. And is that there are often important differences not only between some manufacturers and others but also between the models of the same brand. Look at their weight, the shape of the pads and the material used in the manufacture of these. And, if possible, try them out before you buy them.

Another section worth paying attention before buying a few inter-heads is your cable. If it is too thin and incorporates a flimsy coating, it will break up near the connector or headphones, and our investment will go to waste. Ideally, they should incorporate a cable with a certain thickness and a quality coating. I like flat cables and clothes because they get less tangled, but this choice depends on the taste of each user. Regarding impedance and sensitivity all the models we propose are suitable for use with most portable devices, so you should not have any problems with them. We hope this selection will help you find your next in-ear headphones.
AKG K-350

Of these headphones we can expect the same as the other proposals of this Austrian brand: a balanced sound, not sweetened, and a flat frequency response. It is what has to be a manufacturer that is carried away by clearly audiophile precepts. If you are looking for neutral in-ear earphones that do not put or remove anything to your favorite music, keep them in mind. But if you like headphones that reinforce the serious end you will be interested in other options that we will see later, in this same post.

As you can see in the image, the AKG K-350 incorporate microphone and volume control in the cable, two interesting features, which, on the other hand, we must demand in a product of this price level. They also come with a carrying case. An interesting note: they are surprisingly light (weigh only 3 g), so they are appealing if you are demanding with ergonomics.


If you look at the image that I leave above these lines you can see what is undoubtedly one of the signs of identity of these intra-articular: they use a hybrid design. This means that they attach to our ear without having to enter the ear canal. This design makes them more comfortable than conventional internal headphones, but it also often carries a disadvantage that we must take into account: it offers a lower environmental noise isolation capacity.

As far as its performance is concerned, we can expect the usual in the proposals of Audio-Technica: a high resolution and a dynamic and transparent sound. They incorporate microphone and volume control and playback on the cable, and the latter is flat, an interesting feature because it will help us avoid getting tangled up.


This Japanese brand is not too lavish in the headphone market, although it has some interesting audiophile proposals. The reason why I have decided to include this model in this selection is none other than its great value for money. And is that for less than 13 euros can make us with built-in earphones well built and with a sound, at least, balanced.

Nevertheless, the low price of this model forces us to make a concession: it does not incorporate neither microphone nor control of the volume in the cable. If we want this performance, we will have to do with the model AH-C260R, which is identical to the one I propose, but with this functionality. Of course, its price goes up quite a bit. In fact, close to 30 euros on Amazon. Even so, it is an interesting option that is worth considering.


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