why do we need to learn English?

Nowaday, English is considered as an international language and spoken in over the world. It is taught in school and we can easily to buy an English grammar book in a small store to learn. If you are taking an English in hand and are bored with hard grammar external problems. Six reasons will give you more motivation to continue learning English.

1. English- international language.
Although the language which has the most speaker is Chinese, English still a dominant language which is used in the most nations. There are 60 countries out of 196 countries which are considered English as the national language.
Moreover, English is also used in international trade, is an official language in EU, WTO, NATO and many other organizations in over the word.
According to statistics, there are 1 billion and 500 hundred people speaking English and over 1 billion people learning it. You should be happy for this information, it means there are over 1 million struggling with English grammar like you, now.

2. More chance with English
In the country where English is not the mother language, English is also considered as the “lingua franca”- the general language for every body.
With English, no matter where you come from and where are you, you can communicate. When you travel, you do need to worry about getting lost, ordering the meal and talking to native about their life.
With English, you can be a teacher, translator, and any English – related job. These jobs are also interesting, so you never feel bored when sitting in front of the computer. With such jobs, we can have a chance to meet many people, to see many cultures, and learn many things in over the world. English can widen your world

3. A better candidate for job
Knowing foreign language shows that you are a brilliant person. It shows that you spent a lot of time, effort to confront with a new challenge.
If you are good at English, you can take attraction from the employer. You can be used in an international position. That is a good chance for you to develop your job.

4. Get the top information of the world.
Because English is so popular, most of the document is written in English. Therefore, if you are good at English, you can approach that knowledge source. It can be a good reference in your final essay.
If you are a people who love literary, there is nothing better than reading famous novels such as the call of the wild, gone with the wind, thorn bird by yourself, without translation and fell all of the soul of works.

5 English is an easy language
It seems to be unbelievable but English is an easy language. Believe me! Let’s try learning Korean, Chinese, or Japanese, you will see how easy English is. It has a common Latin alphabet with just 26 letters.
Although there are a lot of grammar problems, you can conquer them. If you spend 20 minutes to learning English a day, you can over come every obstruct including grammar.

6. Watching films and listening to music.
Most of US- UK music and movie is every excellent. Are you tired when you are watching film and need to read oof transcription but do not want to miss any scene. Or you must pause the film to red all transcription and understand all of the things before turn it back. If you are good at English, you do not need to be hard like this. Every thing you should do is enjoy the film in both of your ears and eyes.
In conclusion, with such six reasons, are you ready to learn English? English is not only the key to your future but also the tool for entertainment. There is no reason to give up one of such interesting language. Let’s take a book and we can learn English together. Fighting!