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Wintering the Lawn Mower !

The end of autumn sounds the time of the lawn mower’s storage until next spring. To find it in good condition and ready to function, a few precautions are necessary.

The essential gestures

Whatever the model of your mower, whether electric or thermal, or best self propelled lawn mower, a few simple gestures will have to be implemented:

For thermal mowers, the first thing to consider is the emptying of the fuel tank which will be done quite naturally leaving the engine idling at the end of the last mowing. The machine will stop automatically after the tank has been emptied. This technique is much simpler than the pumping of the fuel sometimes advocated.

For oil mowers, an oil change may also be required if it has not been recently replaced.The electric mowers will only have to be disconnected. The extension cord should be cleaned and stored away from moisture and rodents.
Necessary cleaning

This step is valid for both types of devices.
Once the mower is switched off, a thorough cleaning must be carried out. Use gloves to protect your hands from the blade and remove the largest residues of soil or grass from the bottom of the crankcase with a wooden or plastic tool. Remember to clean the cooling fins and exhaust with a large brush.

Once the biggest part is removed, a delicate water jet cleaning will be possible. To clean the crankcase, use a light jet, tilting the mower back but never on the sides, as on the thermal models this tilting could lead to oil penetration into the air filter or exhaust. Damaging to the machine. Clean the crankcase, bearings, and rear of the mower. Caution: Avoid contact with the motor in the case of an electric model.
lawn mower
Checking the blade
Take advantage of these operations to check the blade; It must not present any cracks or traces of impact or shock, otherwise it will be necessary to consider its replacement. If it is in good condition, it will be possible to disassemble it in order to sharpen it. So when you first put it back into operation, your lawn will be perfectly cut. The manufacturers advocate sharpening every 25 hours of use, think of it often during the season!

Proper storage
Before storing your lawn mower, be sure to dry each part thoroughly. Then spill a bombproof product onto the crankcase, blade, bearings to prevent rust and moisture from damaging the machine. Store it flat in a clean, dry and frost-free room, especially if it has a battery.

The hand mower
A practical, lightweight tool for maintaining the lawn, the hand mower, makes a strong comeback. Eco-friendly and easy to use, it is ideal to treat small surfaces, without noise or bad odors.

What is a hand mower?
The hand mower, is a high-powered propulsion machine that requires no fuel to advance, making it a particularly practical tool for use. No need to recharge or plug it in to work properly, just push it. Equipped with handlebars, blades and two wheels, it is effective for routine lawn care.

Benefits of a Hand Mower
As we have seen, this device requires no fossil energy to operate, does not emit exhaust and does not make any noise, which is an advantage when you can not His lawn that early morning for example. The neighbors will be delighted!

Another advantage is that it requires no purchase or storage of fuel.
Light and handy, it is effective and allows a clear cut, thanks to its helicoidal blades that cut the grass flush without tearing the roots.

Economical, it is much cheaper than a classic lawnmower, since one can find entry-level models from 50 €. The larger the blade size and the sophisticated the more the prices will rise, but they will rarely exceed 250 €.

Disadvantages of the hand mower
The mowing operation is longer and more tedious with this type of machine since the cutting speed depends on the energy supplied by the user by pushing the machine.

It does not allow cutting of a very long lawn (more than 6 cm) and requires alterations at the corners and edges. Note however the progress in the matter of the new models which allow a much more precise size, facilitated in the difficult zones.

The hand mower is recommended for small spaces; The basic models must not be used on surfaces larger than 150 m². Be aware, however, that there are larger blade models that allow you to cut efficiently over a longer distance while earning a certain amount of time, but the budget will not be the same.

Where to find a hand mower?

You can find this type of appliance in all big DIY stores with a dedicated shelf in the garden, but also in garden centers or specialist shops.

Towards the end of spring the supermarkets sometimes do very interesting promotions, so you have to jump on the chance!

Finally, you can buy a new or used lawnmower on the Internet, on sites specializing in garden items or on sites offering auctions between individuals, often bargains will be there!


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